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Both Plumstead and Okavango Lighting Showrooms are proud to host regular functions for the industry, including product launches showcasing the latest ranges, and other educational events for South Africa's leading architectural, engineering and interior design firms. Take a look at the exciting events taking place at our two showrooms and some interesting news relating to lighting and home lifestyle products.


New State of the Art Powerdocks available 29/01/2018

If you love a neat and tidy office desk or kitchen counter, look no further than the practical and aesthetically pleasing Powerdock.

Pop-up power docks provide easy access to power plugs, particularly on kitchen counters and islands as well as office desks, without unsightly cords and cables snaking their way along your surface.

Plumstead, Okavango & Atlantic Electrical and Lighting showrooms stock the latest state-of-the-art powerdocks from Power Logic SA, with a local design and manufacturing facility based in Cape Town with each product designed and developed in house.

We stock the following ranges but can order in any other products from their wide collection:



The Powerdock Mk1 is the perfect kitchen power solution but can also be used in the home office, on dressing tables, in the garage work station, or on a TV cabinet. This stylish but concealed power outlet system contains six power outlets and can either be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even inverted. It neatly retracts into the mounted surface when not in use. When you want to connect your power cables, simply pull the unit up and it automatically locks into position.

• Below surface power outlet for under counter appliances
• User friendly with shuttered power outlets
• 3 x SA 3pin
• 3 x SA 2pin
• Built in overload trip switch rated at 15A
• Splash protection liquid proof seal
• Easy installation



The touch operated Powerdock Mk2 is the ideal power outlet solution for your kitchens, workshops, television stands, office desks and so much more. Featuring a selection of any three power outlets as well as a USB charging port, this unit sits flush with the desk surface when not in use and is raised smoothly into position by a powerful gas strut. For safety reasons, none of the power outlets are powered until the unit is in the fully upright position. Stow the unit by pushing down within the illuminated ring until the Powerdock clicks conveniently into place below the work surface.

• User-friendly with shuttered power outlets
• Selection of any three power outlets
• Built-in thermal overload switch rated at 15A
• Robust aluminium construction
• Blue LED power indicators
• Easy installation
• Flush mounting


The SOHO Mk1 is a sleek, elegant and versatile solution to home office cable management. When not in use, the unit is stored, out of the way, below the work surface. When power is needed, the unit simply slides up and locks into position by means of a unique locking clip. Mounted vertically, horizontally, or even inverted, this home office solution can be fitted to any workstation with ease.

• Bottom power outlet for under desk equipment
• 2 X SA 3 pin power outlets
• 3 X SA 2 pin power outlets
• 2 X data plus USB port which simplifies networking
• Ambient blue LED power indicator
• Easy installation which requires minimal space
• Splash proof in the stowed position
• Robust aluminium and ABS construction
• Built in overload trip switch rated at 15A
• All power outlets are shuttered for safety
• Sleek and user friendly design


Experience the next level of connectivity with the SOHO MK2. This home office unit offers remarkable features in a flush mounted powerdock such as dual data or voice connections, a USB port and an ultra-smooth gas strut mechanism to raise the unit up for use. Simply press down within the lit-up circle and watch the unit rise smoothly into the operating position.
When not in use, simply press down until the unit clicks into position neatly out of the way beneath the work surface. The combination of data, voice, USB and power provide a rare connectivity solution tailored for the office and home environment.

• User friendly with shuttered power outlets
• Built in overload switch rated at 15A
• Blue LED power indicators
• Data / voice and USB ports
• Easy installation
• Flush mounting

For these and other cable management products, contact your nearest branch:

Plumstead Lighting: 021 7153151

Okavango Lighting: 021 982 8124

Atlantic Lighting: 021 204 3130


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