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Both Plumstead and Okavango Lighting Showrooms are proud to host regular functions for the industry, including product launches showcasing the latest ranges, and other educational events for South Africa's leading architectural, engineering and interior design firms. Take a look at the exciting events taking place at our two showrooms and some interesting news relating to lighting and home lifestyle products.


Gear up for the cold with these winter warmers 29/05/2018

It’s May and it's cold. Summer garden parties and trips to the beach are but distant memories. Now it’s time to get your home cozy and warm for the next couple of wintery months.

We’ve collated our top winter warmer products, from heated towel rails and bathroom heaters to indoor and outdoor infrared heaters.

Heated towel rails:
If you haven’t installed heated towel rails yet, what are you waiting for?

There are many reasons why we love and stock the Jeeves range of heated towel rails but the most obvious reason in today’s expensive consumer climate is because Jeeves heated towel rails are undoubtedly the most energy efficient on the market. Despite delivering constant surface temperatures, their unique heating elements do not draw power continuously, but rather in cycles. The unique cyclical consumption practice results in impressive energy savings over other heated towel rail brands (which draw power on a constant basis). In monetary terms, the ever-popular Jeeves Spartan I model left on for 24hrs per day for 30 days will cost only R19 per month to run!

Here are our picks for this winter:

Jeeves Quadro Q Polished Stainless Steel

Jeeves Tangent L Polished Stainless Steel 

Jeeves Spartan F Polished Stainless Steel 

Jeeves Classic D Polished Stainless Steel 

Bathroom heaters:

We all know the mad dash from shower to towel rail and how unpleasant those few seconds can be at 6am on a freezing cold Cape Town morning in July. Now imagine your bathroom cocooning you in warmth whilst you slowly saunter across the divide between shower and towel. That’s why we love the Eurolux bathroom heaters that act as a heater, light and extractor. Nifty eh? Plus they come in a 2 or 4 light. Enough said. Get one already. Your shivering self will thank you.

Eurolux C86 & C84 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater / Light / Extractor Fan

Outdoor infrared heaters:

If you’ve ever sat outside on a patio on a chilly day with one of these babies above you, you’ll know why we love them so much and why we think every home should have one.

Infrared heaters don’t just look good but they are an economical and efficient means of heating a space, indoor or outdoor. Infrared heat is the only form of heat which does not blow away. This means that you can sit outdoors in a fairly cold temperature and you will feel heat immediately.

This type of heater emits infrared rays that easily get absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increase the temperature of their surroundings. It’s important to note that these heaters don’t heat the air, but the heat is rather absorbed by the objects and people within its range of heat distribution, thereby the air will not get uncomfortably warm as with conventional heaters.

We recommend the Kengo outdoor heater


Visit your nearest branch for more info and to view more of our winter warmer products in-store.


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